Josh Hutcherson: 


When it starts:

When President Snow shows on screen:

When Peeta shows up on screen:

When Katniss says “You’re alive”:

"You will rescue Peeta at the earliest or you will find another Mockingjay":

Finnick looking at Katniss with sad puppy eyes: 

When they take down the hoverplanes:


When it ends:


"She’s fifty or so, with gray hair that falls in an unbroken sheet to her shoulders. I’m somewhat fascinated by her hair, since it’s so uniform, so without a flaw, a wisp, even a split end. Her eyes are gyre, but not like those of people from the Seam. They’re very pale, as if almost all the color has been sucked out of them. The color of slush that you wish would melt away"


When Effie says Prim’s name: 

When Katniss volunteers: 

When Peeta appears on screen:

When Katniss’ dress is on fire:

When Peeta says his mother doesn’t think he’ll win:

When Peeta is with the Careers:

When the Careers comes after Katniss:

When Glimmer flirts with Cato:

When Katniss and Rue drop the tracker jackers on the Careers:

When Rue and Katniss start plotting:


When they blow up the Career’s supplies: 

When Rue dies:

When Katniss finds Peeta

When Peeta and Katniss kiss: 


When the mutt jumps at Peeta:


When they start fighting Cato:

When they say only one can win: 

When they’re about to eat the nightlock:

When they win:



"If you want me to be a teenager, don’t send me to Support Group. Buy me a fake ID so I can go to clubs, drink vodka, and take por"

"You don’t take pot, for starters"

"See, that’s the kind of thing I’d know if you got me a fake ID"


LOL this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life! Can’t. Stop. Laughing

LOL this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life! Can’t. Stop. Laughing

Jennifer Lawrence would win The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence would win The Hunger Games



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I’m not crying… you’re crying

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